Soybean Oil

Soybean Oil


Type Organic
Purity >98%
Raw Material Soybean Seeds
Color Yellow
Form Liquid
Pack Size 250ml, 500ml, 1ltr

Soyabean oil is a vegetable oil that is extracted from soybeans, which are scientifically known as Glycine max. It is one of the most widely used vegetable oils in the world, possibly because soybeans are some of the most widely cultivated and utilized plants, particularly in recent decades. Soybean is native to East Asia and is considered a legume, however, despite its limited origin; it is highly prized for its edibility. Most soybean oil is refined, blended, and sometimes hydrogenated and it can be graded into different levels and strengths depending on the desired application.

Soybean oil is considered healthier than most other vegetable oils, due to the presence of a good variety of essential fatty acids in it, which the body needs in order to remain healthy. There are also a number of plant sterols in soybean oil, which can have a wide variety of health benefits on people who regularly include soybean oil in their diet. The vitamin and mineral content of soybean is what fames this delicious and widely useful legume.

The health benefits of soybean oil include its ability to improve your heart health, lower your cholesterol, improve your immune system, reduce cognitive disorders like Alzheimer’s disease, prevent osteoporosis, and improve growth, while also boosting eye and skin health.

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